Policy/Advocacy Committee:

The Policy/Advocacy Committee shall study legislative bills, resolutions and matters relevant to advocacy, development, and implementation of public policy related to community corrections and make recommendations to the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, the Congress of the United States and policymakers upon approval of the board.  The committee shall report to the Board of Trustees on proposed legislation that may be of interest to OJACC.

Co-Chairpersons:  Phil Nunes and Ro-Ellen Sinkewich

Conference Committee:

The Conference Committee is responsible for planning, supervising, and implementing the community corrections annual conference.  The conference chairs and committee are responsible for managing the content of the annual conference and work in conjunction with the OJACC Coordinator.  The Conference Planning Committee gives input on site selection, keynote speakers, scheduling and programming of the annual conference that is consistent with OJACC’s objectives, ensuring workshops meet changing offender behavior guideline as defined by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and promotes evidence-based practices.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Review conference feedback to determine topics for future programs,
  • Select a range of topics relevant to the needs of community corrections
  • Work on speaker contact information,
  • Function as moderators for sessions and assist with the general activities of the conference as needed.

Chairperson: Linda Janes

Juvenile Justice Committee:

The Juvenile Justice Committee supports OJACC’s mission and goals to Ohio’s juvenile justice system, with a focus on policies and services that impact community-based programs doe juvenile.  The committee seeks

  • to promote policies that will improve Ohio’s juvenile justice system,
  • to gather data that will promote improved policies and programs,
  • to create linkage between juvenile organizations,
  • to develop resources for community-based training, and
  • to educate policy makers and Practitioners on principles of effective community correctional-based practices for juveniles.
  • to create a juvenile workshop track for the annual conference

Co-Chairpersons:  Brooke Burns and Shannon Crabtree

Public Outreach Committee:

The Public Outreach Committee shall be responsible for the creation of a newsletter to be periodically distributed to the members/interested parties of OJACC to promote and support effective community corrections and provide current, relevant education in the field of community corrections.

The committee shall work with a designer to update the OJACC website and create other social media platforms to increase the visibility of OJACC and increase the ability to disseminate current, relevant information important to the field of community corrections.

Chairperson: Veronica Perry