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A Message from the President

Greetings to All,


This year OJACC members and friends  can anticipate plenty of  action on the community corrections front in Ohio. Below listed are a few hot topics of interest in 2017.


Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Missy Craddock from the Governor’s office presented to OJACC’s Board of Trustees in February on the implementation of the newly passed medical marijuana law. She related the complexity of reviewing and establishing rules and regulations for  growing and processing, to prescribing and selling the drug. Missy’s presentation generated lively discussion. You can find her power point on the OJACC website for more details and stay tuned to the news outlets for the latest developments.


Legislative Action: Sentencing and Recodification

OJACC plans to visit the Ohio Statehouse on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, to visit with legislators and aides, capped off with a reception from 5-7 pm. We hope you can join us for all or some part of the day. Details will follow in a separate letters to OJACC’s Board and membership.

State Senator John Eklund offered his advice at our December Board Meeting on how to approach Ohio legislators in an effective way in order to highlight the importance and positive impact of community corrections and reentry support. He suggested  an initial contact with the committee chair, submission of concise written testimony before the hearing, and presentation of the most important points during oral testimony.

While the legislature is generally amenable to the concept of rehabilitation and restorative justice, the desire to remain “tough on crime” sometimes competes with a compassionate view. As the Recodification Committee and Sentencing Commission offer their recommendations to Ohio legislators, we should remain focused on supporting those common sense and proven methods to appropriately punish offenders, protect the public, and rehabilitate when possible. Also, substance abuse, not only as a legal problem but as a public health  issue, will remain a challenge for all stakeholders and treatment providers.


Ohio Budget

ODRC Director Gary Mohr remains committed to finding ways to reduce the  prison population and to keep rehabilitation local when possible. Mohr adamantly supports  incentivized funding for effective local programming and local incarceration for low level, non-violent offenders in the county jails, half-way houses and community-based correctional facilities. In the face of shrinking local government funding, sometimes his positions are unpopular, however, he tirelessly seeks input from legislators, local leaders and the courts to find some common ground.

On behalf of OJACC, thank you for your continued interest and efforts in supporting community corrections. We appreciate all you do.




Judge Nancy A. Fuerst